Applying Ancient Practices to Our Modern World 

I want more of God - I don't want to settle for a mediocre, flat spirituality. Ancient Christians pursued God using these two tools, the Examen and the 7 Sacred Pauses (7SP). Given the change of technology, the availability of electricity, and typical workday hours, I've adapted these time-tested practices to our modern world. As Jesus said, "Come and see." 

Helpful Resources & References (home site for Jubilee artisans) (Suzanne’s blog site)

Books: The Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiedekehr; A Simple Life-Changing Prayer by Jim Manney; Inner Compass by Margaret Silf

The Questions

Our Products:

To end my first year doing the Examen, God had me do this activity: I went through my 3 journals, looking for words, lessons, and questions that had strongly impacted me. I wrote these on a large canvas in colored Sharpies. It took a day and a half, and was a rich way to conclude the year.  I wonder what He will tell you to do? I'd love for you to tell me and send a picture (!

A good question acts like a key. It unlocks the door to hidden treasures of thought, spirit, and heart. These are the questions God has given me to ask as I do the Examen. I do 1 or 2 each evening. You have freedom to add your own questions or just keep it simple with "thankfuls" and listening.

I want to be more mindful and  more attentive to the Trinity throughout the day and night. This ancient practice has helped me identify trigger times  to bring the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to mind. The 7 Sacred Pauses (7SP) begin at dawn and continue through the depths and quiet of the night.

The Examen Book (by Benson)

7SP KeyChain  (by Jubilee women)

7SP Necklace (by Jubilee women)

7SP Bracelet "in-a-row" or "three cords" (by Jubilee women)

Examen Artwork & Photography     (by Suzanne)

A New Generation of People in Pursuit of God

7 Sacred Pauses

For years I've done something completely crazy to shake up my spiritual life and help me see my blind spots. Year 1: I did not purchase clothing for myself. Year 2: I did not eat sugar! What!? But Year 3 - now that is where this adventure begins ... with the Examen and the 7 Sacred Pauses. 

"How To" gatherings at Cedar Springs Church in Knoxville, TN: Email to make a personal appointment for yourself, your Bible study, your retreat, or your conference.

The Lovelies (Tennesseans)


the Women of Jubilee (Haitians)

are friends separated by an ocean, by socioeconomic status, nationality, even by the border patrol ... but brought together by a love for Jesus and a passion for economic and spiritual redemption. Both groups have wild, loving hearts, strong minds, a streak for all things creative, passion for their children, and hope granted by faith in Jesus.

Our Story

The Examen

I want to be more intimate with Jesus, and I've found that doing the Examen daily has been a worthy tool for bringing me closer to His great heart.

It all starts with stealing away when the wildness and press of the day shifts toward a more reflective time of night.