Clockwise from top left:

"I pray to God that our goods go all over the world!" ~Jubilee artisan 

Quad of pics: Benson in the red shirt, his shop sign, making the section in the binding of the books, and gluing the inside covers

One of the 7-in-a-row bracelets

Trio of pics: the "Genuine Goat" stamp on all of the books, the 3-cord bracelet, and the Jubilee artisans working with the beads and braiding the 7-in-a-row bracelets.

Three of the 2nd Story Goods artisan managers

Mama making the 7-in-a-row bracelets while her daughter twinkles at the camera!

Trio of pic squares: the map painting for the background of the mid-morning WORK pause, painted by Suzanne; praying over the printed pages of paper as we drove from Port Au Prince to Jubilee in the back of a pick-up truck; the front inside cover of the Examen journal, the Examen "cheat sheet"