The Examen Book

Handcrafted by Benson and his 16 artisans in Jubilee, this goatskin book has an introductory guide for the Examen and the 7 Sacred Pauses. Basic journal is $20 or fancy stitching, $26.

Examen Photography

Wait, a foggy morning of the pond next door in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Examen Photography

Humility poster, photographed in Lynchburg, Virginia, at a farmer's market. 

Examen Photography

Unfathomable, photographed in the Cinque Terre area off the coast of Italy.

7SP Key Chain

It's in your hand numerous times daily, so what a good reminder to reconnect with God and refresh your soul with His love and care. Specify which tag you would prefer: AWARE, ABIDE, PRAY, or PAUSE. Only 4 more PRAY, 5 more ABIDE. $10

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Examen Bracelet, 7-in-a-Row

Jubilee artisans rolled the clay, painted and sealed the beads, and wove them together. Yellow = dawn, off-white = work, blue = refreshment, taupe = end of the workday, red= Examen, white = clear to pray, and black = in the night. $12

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Examen Photography

Locks, photographed in Lynchburg, Virginia, on the downtown park bridge.

7SP Bracelet: The Three Cords 

The women of Jubilee created the 7SP bracelet as a reminder to pause, reflect, pray, pay attention, and reconnect with your Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. $15

Examen Photography

Psalm 51 Pieces picture, photographed in the woods at Norris Lake.

Examen Photography

Mystery, photographed in our front porch pond.

Examen Photography

Sometimes art is just what we need to draw near to God. Sit Still, photographed in my garden in Knoxville, Tennessee.

7SP Drop Necklace

Every time you feel it against your chest right near your heart, every time you glance toward your lap, you see this beautiful reminder to pay attention to God. $18