The Questions: Pick one or two daily during the Examen to help you listen.

Holy Spirit will You reveal to me …
Did I treasure You today? What competed for my affection?

When was I present with You? When did I miss You? Another way to ask: When did I move toward You today, and when did I move away from You? Or this: When was I alive and free in You? When was I bound up & tight?

Did my heart and life align with Yours?
Did I live in Your steady peace? Why … why not?
Where did my mind settle during my mindless or repetitive tasks?
Who did I love well? Who did I not?
Was I where You wanted me to be?
Who were my trusted voices? Did I listen well? 
Was anyone or anything too important?
What did today teach me about You?

What or who made me feel exhausted or irritable? What was happening at a deeper level?

In what circumstance did I have to “die”? 
 What life do I see from this death?

“Spotlight moments” of grace & glory (Psalm 84:11), of break-through, 

and of humiliation?

Did I order my life in such a way that I did what You wanted me to do?
What did I do? How did that affect us?
Father, I invite You to change my thinking.

Father, I invite You into this place of __________

(unrest, celebration, not knowing, joy, sorrow, anger, waiting, etc.).

Father, what do You have to say to me about _________?
You made me aware of __________.
Where did I invest myself? Did my time, energy, & resources

reflect the treasure of my heart?

What is really going on here?

Should something more or different be happening in this relationship? Does anything need repair? Why is there distance or delight?

Why am I drawn to _____? Why am I avoiding _____?

What are You shaking up or settling down?​

What are my distractions?​​

What in me needs Your touch of life, needs Your breath of life?

What was I afraid to let go of today? What did I happily receive?

Where am I missing the point, or missing Your heart?

​"Child, turn from ________ to Me."

​What did devotion look like today? (See Jeremiah 30:21)

​To answer the deepest longings of my heart and God's, what do I need to put aside? (Thanks, Jim Branch. An example: the wise men. They put aside much to pursue Jesus.)

What would You have me learn by being with ______?

How did You show Your affection to me today in a personal, loving, specific way?

​How did I live creatively, thereby reflecting my Creator?